condition info

Though the fact that a lot of our pieces have had a previous life is a big part of the charm and a major part of why we love what we do, that does mean that there is the unique task of considering past use when picking up your new favourite piece.

We make sure to hand or machine wash (almost) every piece that we sell and we're proud to be one of the only vintage clothing stores that aim to have each piece wearable straight out of the package.

To make things as easy as possible to figure out at a glance, we've created the grading system that you can see below. Each piece's condition score can be found under the 'Condition' tab on it's product page.

We do also take care to photograph any issues that we think you'd want to know about before purchasing, so make sure to check out the photos and please feel free to drop us a message if you need any assistance at all.

5/5 - Extremely light to no signs of wear, as good a condition as you can reasonably expect from pre-worn clothing.

4/5 - Light signs of wear but nothing visible when worn. Unless you specifically look hard for signs of past use they may as well not exist.

3/5 - The odd mark or discolouration here and there, maybe something that is visible when worn however nothing obvious. Maybe had an issue such as a very small hole, or a hole that we've repaired but this repair will be done to the best of our ability and will be photographed. There is anther lifetime of wear waiting for you with this piece!

2/5 - Some visible signs of past use such as marks, discolouration or small hole/s however there is still lots of life left with this piece.

1/5 - Heavy signs of wear with some visible marks or holes. Maybe some issues functionally such as a broken zip or other issues. These will be noted in the product's description.

N/A - An item where the previous wear is a key feature of the piece and a big part of what makes it cool. The 'flaws' are what makes this piece pop, so who are we to judge?