Our sTory

After losing my job and becoming stuck on benefits I found myself feeling lost, worthless and fed up with the mind numbing nature of 9 - 5 working life. I (Gareth) decided that I needed to work for myself and despite whatever struggles that would bring my way that was exactly what I was going to do.

I had a hobby of visiting local thrift shops and vague aspirations of one day opening up my own clothing store, pawing through those quirky, tiny shops felt like Indiana Jones raiding old tombs for long forgotten treasure.

This was before thrifting was popular, you could actually find some pretty cool bits at the time.

So I founded Deadstock in May 2015 with less than zero money and just a suitcase full of thrifted clothes.

I could tell that the worlds of both thrifted clothing and streetwear were going to explode so I decided to start a business that combined the two. A streetwear store that offered the opportunity to pick up completely unique products that you'd never see anyone else in, and save the planet at the same time.

Starting any business is difficult, starting a business with no money is next to impossible. I learned you need to be resourceful, resilient, to be able to make the most out of what you have to hand and to be able to hide from your landlord at a moments notice.

These core tenets (other than the landlord thing, thankfully) remain with the brand today. We're independent, hold a strong DIY ethic and we do things our way.

I couldnt afford photo equipment so I used my phone and a pro-level tripod consisting of a table, a footstool, guitar case, shoeboxes and cds.

Slowly but surely, after a load of hard work and sleepless nights, word started to spread and I started to make my first sales.

Unfortunately this also meant having to carry every single order down to the corner shop by hand.

Rinse and repeat for another boat load of sleepless nights, mistakes made and lessons learned, thanks to the insane support of my loyal customers (many of whom are still shopping with us today) the business continued to grow.

Fast forward to today, Deadstock has grown to become a passionate and hardworking small team of seven young people looking to shake up the stuck-in-the-mud world of fashion, ruffle a few feathers and usher in a new way of doing things.

We have been and continue to be a pioneering force in the fight against fast fashion's exploitative practices and we've had the pleasure of hooking up tens of thousands of happy customers from all across the world.

Put simply, we don't like how things are being done and we're here to fuck things up. Come join us on this journey.

- Much love, Gareth

The HQ

Deadstock HQ,

Unit 2 Jubilee Trading Estate, East Tyndall Street,

Cardiff, CF24 5EF