Sizing Guide

We stock clothes from a bunch of different brands and designers from all across the world and each of them have their own opinion on how clothes should fit. We've come up with our own sizing system so you can be sure that when you buy an item from us, you know what to expect.

For example, when you buy a large tee from us, you'll know that all of our other large tees will fit roughly the same. 

Here's how we measure your clothes.

First we take a reading from an inch below one armpit to the other which when doubled, gives us the chest measurement and determines the overall size. 



Then we measure from the bottom of the collar to the tip of the longest part of the item, this gives us the length. 


Which leaves us with something like this:

Fits Like: Large (Size on tag: Medium)

Pit to pit: 24" // Length: 27" 

First we tell you our recommended sizing, then what the manufacturer has stated on the tag along with the exact measurements so you can be sure how an item is going to fit before you buy. 

Grab a tape measure, work out your measurements and you can buy with confidence safe in the knowledge that your new favourite piece of clothing will fit you perfectly. 

Tip: If you like the fit of a piece of clothing you already own, take it's measurements and use them as a guide. 

Shoot a message over to if you're in any doubt. 


Heres how we measure our shorts:

Simply measure your waist by taking a tape measure and wrapping it around your waist. Compare that measurement to the chart above and that will tell you which size you should be looking for.